Dr. Lee S. Duemer

Wedding Officiant

Lubbock, Texas



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Email: Leeduemer@gmail.com

Phone: (806) 928-1502 call or text


Welcome! I am Dr. Lee Duemer and have been performing weddings since 2005 and have loved it! I am licensed to perform weddings in every state of the Union.


I love helping people begin their journey on a life together. My job is to provide you with a dignified and personalized wedding that will be a marker for your new life, and a unique event you can look back on with happiness and pride. Your wedding will reflect your traditions and values. Your wedding will be carefully customized and range from formal rehearsed ceremonies to elopements, or a renewal of vows. For more formal weddings I will be glad to be part of your rehearsal and work with your wedding planner if you desire. If this is an elopement or wedding for someone in the military about to be deployed, I will gladly work with you on short notice. I can officiate at the location of your choice, but please understand travel outside Lubbock County may incur a fee due to travel. While I am pleased to work with you in the location you select, please don’t ask me to jump out of an airplane or get into a tank filled with sharks. We all have our limits.


I am licensed to perform weddings through the Universal Life Ministry. I welcome those of all faiths, as well as those who do not adhere to any faith. We are all meant to have the same rights in this world, to be treated equally, and therefore have the same right to pursue happiness and love with whomever we chose. There should be no barrier between two consenting adults who are legally allowed to commit their lives together.


In addition, I have an extensive background in religion. I’m quite familiar with the paperwork and processes needed to certify your marriage. Part of my responsibility to you is to submit all the necessary forms to the appropriate County Clerk on the first business day following your wedding.



  • Civil union
  • Interfaith ceremony
  • Non-religious
  • Non-traditional
  • Rehearsal
  • Single religion
  • Vow renewal
  • Elopements/Military Deployment



  • Basic Fee (includes customized wedding and filing all necessary paperwork): $200
  • Pre-wedding meeting: $50 (optional, your choice)
  • Attendance at rehearsal: $50 (optional, your choice)
  • Travel outside Lubbock County: varies