Dr. Lee S. Duemer

Wedding Officiant

Lubbock, Texas



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Email: Leeduemer@gmail.com

Phone: (806) 928-1502 call or text


Welcome! I am Dr. Lee Duemer and have been performing weddings since 2005 and have loved it! I am licensed to perform weddings in every state of the Union.


I love helping people begin their journey on a life together. My job is to provide you with a dignified and personalized wedding that will be a marker for your new life, and a unique event you can look back on with happiness and pride. Your wedding will reflect your traditions and values. Your wedding will be carefully customized and range from formal rehearsed ceremonies to elopements, or a renewal of vows. For more formal weddings I will be glad to be part of your rehearsal and work with your wedding planner if you desire. If this is an elopement or wedding for someone in the military about to be deployed, I will gladly work with you on short notice. I can officiate at the location of your choice, but please understand travel outside Lubbock County may incur a fee due to travel. While I am pleased to work with you in the location you select, please don’t ask me to jump out of an airplane or get into a tank filled with sharks. We all have our limits.


I am licensed to perform weddings through the Universal Life Ministry. I welcome those of all faiths, as well as those who do not adhere to any faith. We are all meant to have the same rights in this world, to be treated equally, and therefore have the right to pursue happiness and love with whomever we choose. There should be no barrier between two consenting adults who are legally allowed to commit their lives together.


In addition, I have an extensive background in religion. I’m quite familiar with the paperwork and processes needed to certify your marriage. Part of my responsibility to you is to submit all the necessary forms to the appropriate County Clerk on the first business day following your wedding.


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  • Civil union
  • Interfaith ceremony
  • Non-religious
  • Non-traditional
  • Rehearsal
  • Single religion
  • Vow renewal
  • Elopements/Military Deployment



  • Basic Fee (includes wedding and filing all necessary paperwork): $200
  • Pre-wedding meeting: $50
  • Attendance at rehearsal: $50
  • Travel outside Lubbock County: varies


     My responsibilities:

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  • Prepare a wedding service that is dignified and reflects your values
  • Complete all the necessary paperwork and file it with the County Clerk the first business day after the wedding


Your responsibilities:

  • Obtain and complete any necessary paperwork from your local County Clerk (this means the county in which your wedding will take place). The Lubbock County Clerk can be found here. Many marriage licenses require a three day wait before a wedding can be performed, so I advise you to check with your County Clerk as soon as possible.
  • Communicate your expectations and any specific remarks you would like to be included, as well as any preferences you have for your wedding vows.
  • Have your wedding license ready for me to complete at the wedding. I cannot legally perform a wedding without the necessary wedding license.
  • Pay half the officiant fee at least 30 days before the wedding and the other half the day of the wedding.





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Description automatically generated with low confidenceI wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could! Well . . . not really. In 1999 I moved here to take a position as an Assistant Professor. All these years later I’m still here, now as a tenured (full)Professor. Lubbock has been a wonderful place to live. My three sons were all born here, and one of them unfortunately died here, but I am thankful this has been my home longer than anywhere else in my life. I’m thankful to be married to a beautiful soul, Maria Teresa, who makes my life and the lives of my sons better in every way.


I am licensed through the Universal Life Ministry to have the extraordinary privilege to perform weddings and will officiate at weddings of any faith, mixed faith, or no faith. My prayer is that we can all live together where we respect and value each other.




     Bachelor of Arts

          Rockford College, 1990. Major: Psychology. Minor: Religion

     Master of Arts

          University of Pittsburgh, 1993. Higher Education

     Doctor of Philosophy

          University of Pittsburgh, 1996. Social, Historical, and Philosophical Foundations







     Certificate of Ordination from Universal Life Ministries


     Letter of Good Standing from Universal Life Ministries






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  • Are you really “Dr.”?
  • Yes. I received my Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1996. The University of Pittsburgh is an accredited higher education institution, and a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU). AAU institutions represent the 62 most prestigious research-intensive universities in the United States.


  • What got you interested in performing weddings?
  • In 2005 I was asked to perform a wedding for my brother-in-law and his wife in Massachusetts. It was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.


  • What makes you qualified to perform weddings?
  • I am licensed through the Universal Life Ministry to perform weddings in every state of the Union. In addition to my licensure, I hold a Ph.D. from an accredited university that is recognized in every state. My educational background in religion has provided me with a strong foundational understanding of faiths around the world. Perhaps the best qualification comes from a lifetime of commitment to being a Professor. To teach, uncover new knowledge, share it with others, and help my students become scholars, is more than a job or even a profession. It is a calling and is as noble a calling as any form of religious leadership. We live our lives best in service to a purpose greater than ourselves. This is part of my life’s service.


  • Do you perform funerals?
  • I have never been asked to perform a funeral. Though, unfortunately, I have seen too many, especially for those who were too young to have left this life. If asked, I will consider it.


  • Do you always wear an academic gown?
  • Not always. Only when I’m awake. To be serious, I wear it when I preside at weddings. It reflects the experiential background I bring to a profound life event for the couple being wedded. While some weddings may be more informal due to their impromptu nature, it’s important for the officiant to convey a sense of dignity and formality to what is a deeply personal but also legal process.



Updated 25 January 2022